Ralph Carmichael  
ACM Air Combat Simulations. acm-5.0.tar.gz
Advanced Grapher Graphing program. Serpik Software. agrapher.zip
Beyond Compare Keep directories up to date and synchronize my home and office machines. Scooter Software. Tim Thousand.
Curvefit Expert Fit curves to data. Great. I use it frequently. Daniel Hyams
EditPad John Goyvaerts
f2kcli A multi-platform implementation of the Fortran 2003 command line interface.
Gimp GNU Image Manipulation Program
gnuplot The PDAS programs use gnuplot as default.
IrfanView A great image viewer.
Mozilla The home of Firefox and Thunderbird.
Opera This was my favorite browser before Mozilla. But the lack of MathML support puts it down near the bottom of my list.
Tracer A utility that I use to digitize charts and figures from printed sources. Marcus Karolewski
TtM Converts TeX (or LaTeX) to MathML. Ian Hutchinson
WinTopo WinTopo is a Raster (Images) to Vector (Drawing) conversion tool. Its main function is to convert linear/polyline features in the raster images to coressponding vector drawing files. It provides both famous Zhang-Suen and Stentiford Thinning method as part of the preprocess for vectorisation. You can contact the WinTopo Support Team at: wintopo-support@softsoft.net SoftSoft Ltd, UK
WinZip I still use command line PKZIP. WinZip handles the strange stuff, such as tar,hqx,gz,gzip,etc.
WnBrowse A Windows File Browser. Nigel G. Thomas. WnBrowse 4.8. wnbrowse.zip
WsFtp How I upload my web pages
Xenu How I check the validity of links on my web pages. Tilman Hausherr. xenu.zip
ZipScan Fast file search which includes looking inside archive files. zipscn12.zip

Ralph Carmichael