Public Domain Aeronautical Software

Valuable aeronautical computer programs complete with public domain source code, instructions and sample cases.

For many years the Air Force, Navy, NASA and educational institutions have sponsored the development of computer software that is useful to aeronautical engineers, airplane designers, and aviation technicians. Public Domain Aeronautical Software (PDAS) was founded to make this treasure house of valuable software available to the aeronautical community for use on desktop computers. These programs include descriptions and complete public domain source code. All are downloadable free of charge from this web site. Many programs have sample cases (both input and output). The source code is not copyrighted and may used in whole or in part in any of your aeronautical studies. Most were developed under NASA or DOD sponsorship, but some are contributions from individual authors and all have significant value added by PDAS.

If you loaded the DATCOM reference document from this site before 2013, be warned that there are missing pages. Go to fixedDatcomDocs.html to get a new copy of the entire document with the missing pages restored. Files from 2012 or earlier have this problem.