Sources of Aeronautical Information

There are a number of web sites that contain valuable aeronautical information. Suggestions for this list are always welcome.

Abbott Aerospace Many NACA and NASA reports describing computational methods are arranged neatly for browsing. Emphasis on structural analysis with composite materials. Also lots of specifications and standards. Richard Abbott.
AERADE Access to reports from the Aeronautical Research Council, which contains much of the work of the Royal Aircraft Establishment. Supported by the University at Cranfield.
Aerodynamics for Students This web textbook contains information, data tables and computer programs for the study of Aerodynamics. D.J. Auld, University of Sydney.
Aeronautical Survey Program Airport geodetic control, runway, navigational aid,obstructions, etc.
Aerospace Testing International Web site for Aerospace Testing magazine.
AerospaceWeb Answers from experts in aerospace.
Aircraft Listings and GlobalAir Even if you do not intend to purchase a 747 for your personal use, it is interesting to see exactly what planes are being bought and sold and an idea of the used aircraft market. Lots of detailed specifications, photos and history of commercial airliners.
Aviation Formulary Many useful equations for flight mechanics, navigation, etc. Edward Williams
Aviation Week The famous magazine. Much of the site is for subscribers only.
BGA Beginner's Guide to Aerodynamics. K-12 oriented. NASA Glenn.
CFD Review Info and links for computational fluid dynamics. From Viable Computing.
eFlightManuals Flight manuals (on CD-ROM) for the military warbird community.
eFluids One stop internet resource for fluid dynamics and flow engineering professionals
Engineers Toolkit Download all of the MIL SPEC documents. Lots of other information on-line. Jeff Woolmer.
EverySpec Similar to Engineers Toolkit. Goal is to give you access to every specification and standard. Actually, you can often get this info directly from Google, Yahoo, or Bing.
ESDU The old RAE Data Sheets. Now up-to-date commercial operation.
Fighter Planes Photos, specs, info on many fighters, old and new. VRML files, FAQ, etc. from Werner Bergmans.
Flight Global Web site for Flight International magazine. Links to their huge collection of cutaway pictures.
Flug Review Current aviation news from European viewpoint.
Fold "N Fly Download patterns for paper airplanes.
Incomplete Guide to Airfoil Usage Tells you what airfoil is used on a given airplane. Dave Lednicer.
Luft '46 A summary of the dozens of fascinating vehicles that were in the conceptual design phase in Germany at the end of WW II.
My Dear Drone Lots of info on drones and UAVs as well as tips for non-professional users.
NASA Armstrong Photo Server Big collection of airplane photos. Emphasis on NASA and Edwards AFB.
NASA History Office Lots of good publications about NACA and NASA research.
NASA Newsroom The latest official NASA news releases. No longer being updated.
NASA Technical Reports Server NACA and NASA published reports for download as PDF.
Potto Project The Potto Project was developed by Dr. Genick Bar-Meir and friends to build open content textbook and open source software for college students. Books, software and tables may be downloaded from the Potto site.
Rotary Wing Forum A great collection of information on rotary wing aircraft.
Twitt Website for flying wing and tailless aircraft enthusiasts. Now requires paid membership.
UIUC Airfoil Data Site The definitive source of information on airfoil coordinates and data. Lots of good links for further investigations. Mike Selig and students.
Alfred Vachris Al Vachris has published a number of solutions to a number of mathematical and computing problems that may prove useful. The emphasis is on VBA for Microsoft Excel, but the full source code shown lets you adapt to your language of choice.
Warfighter's Encyclopedia Lots of info on current weapons and delivery systems. NAVAIR - China Lake. There may be security problems with direct linking to this site. Best to use a search engine.
WeatherWise Education oriented site focused on weather and the atmosphere. Check out the baseball simulator. Steve Ackerman and Tom Whittaker.
The Wind Tunnel Connection A site that intents to catalog all the wind tunnels. Emphasis on USA. This is a good idea, but needs lots of updating.

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