Public Domain Aeronautical Software (PDAS)

Example 5 - Oblique Flying Wing Airplane - page 1

The next example is that of an asymmetrical wing planform, similar to that of a proposed oblique flying wing airplane. The data shown is sufficient to define the wing.

In this case, each of the 15 chords are defined by leading edge and chord length. The input to getmac for the complete wing is:

&chord y=-615, xle= 1860, c= 70/ &chord y=-576, xle= 1713, c= 244/ &chord y=-500, xle= 1426, c= 522/ &chord y=-412, xle= 1145, c= 709/ &chord y=-316, xle= 869, c= 854/ &chord y=-218, xle= 594, c= 999/ &chord y= 29, xle= -72, c=1308/ &chord y= 182, xle= -450, c=1444/ &chord y= 347, xle= -812, c=1443/ &chord y= 517, xle=-1167, c=1376/ &chord y= 688, xle=-1476, c=1262/ &chord y= 745, xle=-1578, c=1223/ &chord y= 802, xle=-1681, c=1185/ &chord y= 918, xle=-1819, c= 764/ &chord y= 980, xle=-1798, c= 264/


Public Domain Aeronautical Software (PDAS)