Public Domain Aeronautical Software (PDAS)  

Over a period of years, NASA-Langley has developed a basic computerized series of supersonic design and analysis methods for aerodynamic configuration studies. The methods are characterized by their reliability in use and input simplicity.

The Boeing Company has extended this basic series of methods and combined them into an integrated system of computer programs. The extensions to the methods provide several new features:

A plot module is included in the system to produce configuration drawings, and a common geometry module is used to permit a single geometry input for all programs. A wing pressure module permits summaries of wing pressures at desired conditions.

The basis of the system is supersonic linearized theory, modified in two respects:

Superposition is used to build up the theoretical force coefficients of a selected configuration.

The goals of the integrated system have been to develop an easily used supersonic design and analysis capability, with recognition of the need for constraints on linear theory methods to provide physical realism, and with inclusion of interactive display for increased design control over optimization cycles.

This program was released by NASA through COSMIC as LAR-13666. The italicized text above is from the official NASA release.

Public Domain Aeronautical Software (PDAS)