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Autolev An advanced symbolic manipulator for engineering and mathematical analysis.
FEMLAB A scripted finite element model builder and numerical solver. PDE solutions, Inc.
FlexPDE A general-purpose Software System for obtaining numerical solutions to the coupled sets of partiar differential equations found in physics, chemistry, etc.
GAMS Generalized Algebraic Modeling System. GAMS is designed for modeling linear, nonlinear, and mixed integer optimization problems. It is available on PCs, workstations, mainframes, and supercomputers.
IDL The Interactive Data Language is software for visualization, data analysis and cross-platform application development. They may have gone out of business, as the link does not seem to work.
ILOG CPLEX JRules for high-performance, flexible optimizations.
JMP Statistical discovery software
MacKichan Scientific Workplace and other products for producing mathematical documents.
Maple Mathematical computation software
Mathematica Integrated technical computing system: Interactive calculation, visualization tools, and a complete programming environment
MathSoft MathCad computing environment.
MathType Create mathematical notation for word processing, LaTex, etc.
MathWorks MatLab and Simulink computing and modelling environments.
NAG Numerical libraries for Fortran 77, Fortan 90 and C
NCAR Mathematical and plotting software. Free.
Numerical Recipes Software from the famous book
Octave GNU Octave is a math package for numerical computation. It is not intented as a clone of MatLab, but it shares much of the notation.
Origin An analysis package that offers a suite of data analysis and custom utility development tools.
Rogue Wave IMSL and PV-WAVE.
Scilab The SciLab package of software for statistical analysis.
StatSoft Statistica
Tecplot General purpose scientific plotting. Also Tecplot Edge.
UTS TK Solver and other tools.
UN-SCAN-IT Converts scanned graphs to (x,y) data. Silk Scientific.

Web Sites > Math > Math Software
Ralph Carmichael