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All input to PanAir other than the geometry definition or off-body xyz-points is contained in the auxiliary file that is composed by the user. Each record in the auxiliary file starts with a key word. The key word may be upper or lower case and may be preceeded by blanks. The key word is usually followed on the same record with a numeric value which is the value of the variable described by the key word. For some key words, a series of numerical values follows while for others no values are required. Comments may be added after the numeric value for most of the keywords.

Currently the keywords are:

ABUTPR ALPC compressibility angle of attack, degrees ALPHA list of angles of attack (degrees) (max of 4) AVERAGE if any networks are modeled as thin surfaces they are listed on this record BETA list of angles of sideslip (degrees) (max of 4) BETC compressibility angle of sideslip BOUN the boundary conditions to be applied to each network. This will be a list of KT values, one for each network. However, if any network has KT=30, the number 30 must be followed by 4 additional boundary condition inputs. A value of -18 is used for the special case of fuselage base wake, or wakes that abut other wakes. BWAKE followed by 3 numbers to define a body edge wake network. This is also used for wakes attached to upstream wakes. The first is the network to which the wake is attached; the second is the edge number to which it is attached; third is the x-coor of downstream edge. CBAR length of the reference chord CHECK =0 for a full run; =1 to stop after computing abutments. CUTS name of a file that has a list of plane definitions each record has 6 numbers, 3 for point, 3 for normal EAT abutment tolerance FORCE list of networks to be used for calculation of configuration force and moment summary. If this record is not present, the default is to use all the networks that have kt=1 boundary conditions. GRID definition of an off-body grid. There must be 9 numbers following the keyword GRID and they must be on the same record. The nine items are (xorigin, yorigin, zorigin), (dx,dy,dz), and (nx,ny,nz). HMIN min step size for streamlines HMAX max step size for streamlines ISINGS =1 to print singularity data; =0 to suppress IGEOIN =0 to print network geometry before liberalized abutment mods =-1 to suppress this printout IGEOUT =0 to NOT print network geometry after liberalized abutment mods =1 to print this information IGEOMP =1 to print geometry diagnostic data; =0 to suppress ISINGP =1 to print singularity spline data; =0 to suppress ICONTP =1 to print control point loc, normals; =0 to suppress =2 to print upper surface normal only IBCONP =1 to print boundary condition diagnostic data; =0 to suppress IEDGEP =1 to print edge-matching diagnostic data; =0 to suppress IPRAIC =1 to print control point sequence number; =0 to suppress IOUTPR =-1 to omit flow parameter output =0 to output 48 flow parameters =1 to output 12 flow parameters IFMCPR =-1 to omit network force and moment output =0 to output network force,moment summary per col, per net, accum =1 to output network force,moment summary per net and accumulation IGNORE if any networks are not to be included in the force and moment calculations, they are listed on this record. IVCORR =1 to apply the McLean velocity correction =2 to apply the Boctor velocity correction =0 to make no corrections MACH free stream Mach Number MAXSTREAM maximum number of points along any single streamline (default 100) MNSWITCH (may also be spelled MNSWCH) any networks that should have rows and columns interchanged are listed on this record NEXDGN =1 to print edge control point data; =0 to suppress NOF do not add trailing filaments for Trefftz plane drag analysis OFFNETS list of networks used for calculation of off-body velocities or streamlines. Default is to use all networks. PEA [not implemented yet] PRECISION number of decimals printed in all fields of the a502 input file produced by this program. RESTART if the job has been run previously with a SAVE and there are files on the CSF archive, the job may be restarted without recomputation of the aerodynamic matrix. =1 if additional angles of attack or sideslip are to be done =2 if the same angles are used SPAN reference span SREF reference area STREAM name of a file that has a list of (x,y,z) (dx,dy,dz) triples six numbers per record SYMM =0 for asymmetric configuration; =1 for symmetric TITLE1 a title that appears on the printed output TITLE2 second line of the title UPSTREAM streamlines go upstream instead of downstream. WAKE followed by 3 numbers to define a trailing edge wake network. The first is the network to which the wake is attached; the second is the edge number to which it is attached; third is the x-coor of downstream edge. WGS name of the WGS file XREF x-coordinate of the moment reference point XYZ name of a file which has a list of (x,y,z) triples, defining the off-body points at which velocities are to be computed. one triple per record. YREF y-coordinate of the moment reference point ZREF z-coordinate of the moment reference point no changes in angles or Mach number, this commands a restart. The principal use is for off-body points.

Default Values

In order to make the creation of this auxiliary file as simple as possible, all of the keywords have preset defaults which are used if the user does not supply a value. For many of the items, the default value will be the desired value and the auxiliary file can be quite short. The following items all have default values of 0: MACH, XREF, YREF, ZREF, ALPC, BETC, ALPHA, BETA, ISINGS, IGEOMP, ISINGP, ICONTP, IBCONT, IEDGEP, IPRAIC, NEXDGN, IOUTPR, IFMCPR, IVCORR, IGEOIN, IGEOUT, CHECK. The quantities SREF, CBAR, SPAN, and SYMM have default values of 1.0 and MAXSTREAM has a default value of 100. HMIN defaults to 0.1 and HMAX to 0.5. TIME has a default value of 100 and NAME is given the string "A502". The keywords MNSWITCH, FORCE, IGNORE, and AVERAGE refer to lists of network numbers. If any of these are not specified, the list is taken to have no members. If XYZ or STREAM is not included in the auxiliary file, then no off-body points or streamlines will be computed.

Public Domain Aeronautical Software (PDAS)