Public Domain Aeronautical Software (PDAS)  

The archive file contains the files:

arc11398.txt the original COSMIC program description
readme.txt general description
panair.f90 source code
clean502.bat erase all the intermediate files from previous run same as clean502.bat, but for Mac or Linux
Sample cases for this program
swb.inp simple wing-body
swb.out output from swb.inp
btac.inp another sample case
btac.out output from btac.inp
ellip.inp another sample case
ellip.out output from ellip.inp
nac6.inp another sample case
nac6.out output from nac6.inp
ppbc.inp another sample case
ppbc.out output from ppbc.inp
vbc.inp another sample case
vbc.out output from vbc.inp
vepd.inp another sample case
vepd.out output from vepd.inp
vss.inp another sample case
vss.out output from vss.inp the above cases with Unix end-of-line (Zip archive)

You will probably want to download the users manual for Panair and you can find a link to it on the references page.

This program first asks for the name of the input file. This must be a file written to conform to the PanAir user guide. After calculating the solution, the program produces a file called panair.out that contains a wealth of information concerning the flow problem to be solved. You need to read the user guide before you try to interpret the output.

One little gotcha associated with this program is that it will not start if there are left-over files from a previous run -- and it leaves a lot of debris behind. This is done deliberately because the program has a restart capability allowing it resume calculations at a checkpoint without starting over. This was an important feature in 1978, but somewhat quaint today. There is a command file called clean502.bat that will delete all of these files. There is an alternate file called that does the same job for Mac or Linux folks.

Public Domain Aeronautical Software (PDAS)