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The 6A-series of cambered airfoils were described and reported in NACA Rep. 903. They use a special form of the 6-series camber line. This special form is designated as the "A = 0.8 modified mean line." The modification consists of holding the slope of the mean line constant from the 80-percent chord station to the trailing edge. This mean line is always used with 6A-series airfoils.

The equation for the 6A-series camber line is rather complicated and there is little value in displaying it here. It may be found

  1. on p.8 of NASA TM 4741
  2. as Eq. 4.26 and 4.27 on p.74 of Abbott and von Doenhoff, Theory of Wing Sections
  3. on p.264 of NACA Report 824
Public Domain Aeronautical Software (PDAS)