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Download the NACA456 Program

  • Go to the page of references for the NACA456 program.
  • Download naca456.zip.
  • The archive file naca456.zip contains the files:

    readme.txt General description of naca456.
    naca456.f90 the main program source code
    nacax.f90 the source code to the module of auxiliary code
    splprocs.f90 the source code for the spline procedures
    epspsi.f90 the data module defining the epsilon and psi functions
    avd.f90 the source code for the program that makes web pages in HTML with the data from Abbott and von Doenhoff
    avdpdf.f90 source code for the program that makes avd.tex
    avd.tex LaTeX source code for pdflatex, making avd.pdf
    avd.pdf revised Appendices for Abbott and von Doenhoef
    input.txt instructions for preparing input for naca456
    ver6.zip the source code, instructions and examples as distributed in versions 1-6 of the PDAS CD-ROM. This includes source code for both of the Ladson-Brooks programs.
    airfols.zip The source code and sample cases for Airfols, the 1996 NASA program
    samples.zip a selection of test cases (input and output)
    samplnx.zip all of the above test cases with Unix end-of-line (ZIP)
    This program asks for the name of the input file. This must be a file written as described in the file input.txt which uses namelist input.

    The program produces a file called naca.out that printed or scrolled to your screen and a file called naca.gnu that may be plotted. Using gnuplot, you plot the airfoil shape with

    gnuplot> plot 'naca.gnu' with lines

    The default setting for gnuplot will expand the vertical scale to fit the screen. This is useful for seeing the curvature, etc. of the airfoil and I usually take a look at most airfoils with this expanded scale. But you probably want to see the airfoil in true proportions. Say

    gnuplot> set size ratio -1

    and you will get a short but wide window with the correct proportions.

    Alternately, you may command

    gnuplot> set yrange [-0.5:0.5] gnuplot> set size square

    If you want to use the 1996 NASA program, unzip airfols.zip and keep the *.h files in the same directory as airfols.f90. When you compile airfoils.f90, the header files will automatically be included.
    Public Domain Aeronautical Software (PDAS)