Computer Methods for Mathematical Computations

Computer Methods for Mathematical Computations by George Forsythe, Michael Malcolm and Cleve Moler is one of the great classic textbooks of numerical methods for scientists and engineers. Many people (myself included) have used the book as a reference and used the programs as tools for a variety of computing projects. Although the algorithms are still usable in their original pre-Fortran 77 format, the readability and usability is greatly enhanced by using the coding style of modern Fortran.

I have rewritten the procedures in modern Fortran. I intend to replace the routines that were originally included with some of the aeronautical programs with the counterparts from this library.

Visit web pages about George Forsythe from SIAM and Stanford. I do regret that I never took a class from George Forsythe. In fact, I never met the fellow, even though my time at Stanford overlapped his.