Download the Fluid Procedure and Test Cases

The archive file contains the files:

readme.txt this file - general description
instr.txt Original instructions from COSMIC
fluid.f90 the source code of the subroutine package
ntrp.f90 interpolation procedure used by fluid
ar.f90 tables for argon
ch4.f90 tables for methane
co2.f90 tables for carbon dioxide
dryair.f90 tables for air
f2.f90 tables for fluorine
n2.f90 tables for nitrogen
o2.f90 tables for oxygen
ph2.f90 tables for parahydrogen
lew14418.txt the original program description from COSMIC
steam.f90 tables for steam the original source code (10 files) from COSMIC
sample.f90 original sample program from COSMIC
samprlc.f90 a variation on sample