Analysis of three-dimensional supersonic nozzle exhaust flow fields

A second order numerical method employing reference plane characteristics has been developed for the calculation of geometrically complex three dimensional nozzle-exhaust flow fields, heretofore incalculable by existing methods. The nozzles may have irregular cross sections with swept throats and may be stacked in modules using the vehicle undersurface for additional expansion. The nozzles may have highly nonuniform entrance conditions, the medium considered being an equilibrium hydrogen-air mixture. The program calculates and carries along the underexpansion shock and contact as discrete discontinuity surfaces, for a nonuniform vehicle external flow. Additionally, shock formation due to coalescence is detected. A wide variety of geometric problems may be considered since the reference plane method has been developed for three separate coordinate systems, all incorporated into a single program. ( Advanced Technology Labs. )

This program was released by NASA through COSMIC as LAR-11596. The italicized text above is from the official NASA release.