Download the Digital Datcom Program

The archive file contains the files:

readme.txt general description
namelist.pdf descriptions of the namelist data items
datcom.f The complete source code The 11 sample cases from AFFDL-TR-79-3032 along with the expected output for each. Input files have the Window/DOS end-of-line characters Same as, but with Unix end-of line

In addition, you will probably want to download the user's manual and perhaps the complete DATCOM document. Links for these are on the references page for Digital Datcom.

To compile this program for your machine, use the command

gfortran datcom.f -o datcom.exe

You will encounter a truly immense number of warning messages indicating that this program that is over 50 years old has incompatibilities with modern Fortran.

With the release of version 10 of gfortran, many of the warning messages have been changed to fatal errors. You may be able to control this situation by declaring this to be a legacy program.

gfortran -std=legacy datcom.f -o datcom.exe

The program will ask you for the name of the input data file. After reading the input data, the program produces datcom.out with the tabulated output data.