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Public Domain Aeronautical Software (PDAS)  

Public Domain Computer Programs for the Aeronautical Engineer is now available for sale. The product is published on a CD-ROM in ISO 9660 format. This means it is readable on PC, Macintosh, UNIX, or Linux machines. Each program is supplied with full source code that is public domain and has no copyright. Each program is supplied in executable form for the IBM PC. Many of the programs have executables for Macintosh and Linux systems.

Each program comes with sample input cases and the corresponding output to confirm that the program is operating correctly on your machine. Each program has a guide to preparing input for the program.

You may place orders now for copies of the latest version of this CD-ROM. Discs are available for immediate shipment. Orders are usually filled within 48 hours of the receipt of order. If you are paying by Visa, American Express or MasterCard, you may place an order via the PDAS Store. This is a secure web site that will enable us to fill your order safely and rapidly.

If you are paying by check or money order, send your order with your check for $295 plus $4 air mail shipping and handling per copy to

Public Domain Aeronautical Software
P.O. Box 1438
Santa Cruz CA 95061 USA

California residents must include sales tax.
If you are placing a credit card order by mail, please include your card number and expiration date and the name on the card if it is different from that on the shipping address.
If you want to order by telephone, call 831-454-9754 in Santa Cruz CA USA.
If you include your e-mail address, I will send you a message when your order is mailed.


Purchasers of previous versions may upgrade to the latest version for $100 plus $4 for shipping and handling. There is a special Upgrade Page at the PDAS store for those ordering an upgrade with credit card.

Orders from outside USA

The simplest way to place an order from outside the United States is to charge the purchase on your credit card using the PDAS Store for secure transmission of your credit card information. Alternately, you may go to a major international bank and have them write you a check to Public Domain Aeronautical Software (PDAS) for $299 US. They will charge you the equivalent in local currency plus money exchange fees. Yet another alternative approach is to get an International Money Order, usually through a local post office.

In many countries, the custom is to direct the customer's bank to deposit the money in the merchant's account, rather than writing a check or using a credit card. If you wish to use this procedure, send me an e-mail (ralph@pdas.com) and I will tell you the necessary details.

Purchase Orders and Pro Forma Invoices

Many firms operate their procurement divisions on the basis of purchase orders, whereby the vendor first ships the product and an invoice and then the customer issues a check or wires a bank transfer. If this is your practice, I can accommodate you.
A variation on this practice is the pro forma invoice. Here, the vendor first sends an invoice describing the sale to the customer. Next, the customer's purchasing department accepts the invoice and sends a check and shipping instructions to the vendor. Finally, the vendor ships the product to the customer. If this is your practice, I can accommodate you. You may download a pro forma invoice that may prove satisfactory for your needs. If you need an invoice addressed to your institution, send me an e-mail (ralph@pdas.com) and I will prepare one for you.

Special Price for Students, etc.

I feel that the price being charged for the disc is quite appropriate for aerospace firms, schools, project offices, etc. I can also see that it might be a bit expensive for students or those with just an interest in aviation. So, if you are sincerely paying for a disc out of your very own pocket and not being reimbursed by your company or department, send me an e-mail (ralph@pdas.com) and I will respond with an offer that should allow you to afford a disc.

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Public Domain Aeronautical Software (PDAS)