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The archive file oracls.zip contains the files:

gsc13067.txt the original program description from COSMIC
readme.txt general description
oracls.f the complete source code for the ORACLS library
original.zip the original copy of the source code (from COSMIC)
Sample programs that use this library are:
example1.for example program #1
example1.inp data for example1
example1.out output from example1
example2.for example program #2
example2.inp data for example2
example2.out output from example2
example3.for example program #3
example3.inp data for example3
example3.out output from example3
example4.for example program #4
example4.inp data for example4
example4.out output from example4

ORACLS is not a program, but a library of procedures that is used by other programs. Four example programs are included to show the use of ORACLS. A related library is VASP (also on this CD-ROM). Many of the procedures in ORACLS were originally developed in VASP.

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