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5 January 2013.
There is an error in the source code to the Celestial Coordinate Transformation package, CELEST. The best way to correct this is to download a new copy of celest.zip from the program page http://www.pdas.com/celest.html and thanks to Nathaniel Cook for finding this error. The error is in subroutine GalacticToEquatorial, roughly 33-34 lines from the top.
The lines


should be deleted, as they are performed in the lines that follow.

26 September 2012.
The files containing the DATCOM reference manual have missing pages! See the page fixedDatcomDocs.html for instructions on getting a good copy. Thanks to Steve Peterson for spotting this.

Last updated 10 November 2010
This list is maintained with the most recent item on top.

10 November 2010 - There is a typo in the naca456 program. The error is in file nacax.f90 in subroutine GetRk1 in the definition of array KTAB. The proper statement is

REAL,PARAMETER,DIMENSION(5):: KTAB = (/ 361.4, 51.64, 15.957, 6.643, 3.23/) ! typo fixed 7 Nov 2010 -----------------^

The erroneous value was 15.967, which leads to an error of one part in 1595, so I doubt if anyone has been harmed by this typo. But, you may want to patch your source code. Thanks to sharp-eyed Robert Stone of Northrop Grumman for spotting this one.

8 August 2009 - Another file missing from the CD. The file named input.txt from the Mass Properties program is not present. You can download a copy from the PDAS web site. Another catch from Graham Feltham!

7 August 2009 - In the readme.txt for the Vortex Lattice Minimum Drag program, you are promised a copy of NASA TN D-8090 on the CD. But, it isn't there! Oops, my error. You can , download a copy from the PDAS web site. Thanks to Graham Feltham for noticing this. [Fixed in 2010].

7 May 2009 - There is a bug in wavedrag that may give a zero or negative fuselage cross-section area when enriching the area distribution function. The fix was to change the zero threshhold from 1E-8 to 1E-7 in the fitting algorithm. You may download wavedrag.zip for a revised copy of d2500.for plus executables d2500.exe, d2500.mac, and d2500.lnx for the different platforms. Again, thanks to the U. Sydney folks for those sharp eyes.

26 April 2009 - The wingbody program was shipped with an error that came to light when I changed from the Lahey fortran compiler to gfortran. Download wingbody.zip for replacement files. Thanks to Kai Lehmkuehler and the U. Sydney design team for spotting this.

22 April 2009 - The kernel program has a problem compiling correctly with gfortran. I will look into this.

18 March 2009 - Some of the test cases for VASP do not work correctly. Example 4 is especially dangerous because it goes into an infinite loop with write statements and will fill your hard disk. Beware!

18 March 2009 - Problem 5 in Gas Properties gives zero output. Something is wrong here.

18 March 2009 - There is still a problem with the program hab2wgs in the /2wgs directory. I will try to get this going soon.

6 April 2001 - If you are running PanAir on a Unix system, you may encounter fatal execution errors if you use the sample files on the disc as test cases. This is because they are MS-DOS style text files and each line is terminated with a carriage return and a line feed. For Unix, you want the line feed but not the carriage return. There are a number of utilities on Unix that will do this conversion. The command
    col -bx
seems to do the job and some text editors will do it (you might have to Import rather than Open).
Thanks to Sven Kassbohm for pointing out this one.

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